I was truly surprised by the results from our initial testing and am now looking at all of our equipment problems to find other areas where this technology can help us

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Maintenance Manager

Gulf Lumber

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Ultrasonic Peening: Combat fatigue failure

Applied Ultrasonics utilizes the remarkable power of ultrasonic peening in our process of strengthening metal to combat fatigue failure, stress corrosion cracking, and any number of other potential problems that can weaken metal and decrease equipment lifespan.

The process of ultrasonic peening is a fatigue improvement technique which is applied via ultrasonic and mechanical impulses to the high-stressed locations in the weld. As a result of the ultrasonic peening process, which modifies the metal weld at its very atomic level, the stress concentrations and residual stress are relieved, and the integrity and strength of the structure is increased dramatically.

ultrasonic peening is an ingenious process that consists of the combination of geometric modification and the redistribution of reisdual stresses at the weld toe region of the metal. Compared to methods like hammer peening and burr grinding, Ultrasonic Peening is vastly more effective and efficient than other metal improvement techniques.

Applied Ultrasonics utilizes ultrasonic peening as a metal improvement technique that continues to be one of the most efficient ways of strengthening metal and reducing its susceptibility to fatigue failure and stress corrosion cracking.

From improving small-scale structures to challenging offshore installations, PROGRESS RAIL has established itself as the global leader in the field of metal improvement by tirelessly perfecting the art of removing your metal's weakest links.