Post-weld treatment using Applied Ultrasonics' UIT increases fatigue strength and weld life for Flow Line pipe connections

In 2012, an offshore oil production and services client turned to Applied Ultrasonics' Ultrasonics Division for a third time due to rapid growth of their project in Phoenix. In an effort to boost productivity of the Boris field on line, the client required additional Flow Lines to their floating production and offloading vessel.

To ensure strength and longevity, the client used a combination of super duplex stainless steel (UNS S31803) and carbon steel (A106 schedule 80) to assemble the pipe. Post-weld treatment using UIT from Applied Ultrasonic resulted in reduced tensile residual stress, thereby increasing fatigue strength and overall life of the welds. Service was quick and efficient. Within five days, Applied Ultrasonic had deployed crews to the manufacturing facility in New Iberia, Louisiana and treated more than 70 welded pipe connections.

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